Capital Raising Advisory

Find the Right Investor for Your Company

Vesticor professionals have advised numerous companies through complex private placement and capital raising processes, and have extensive experience through all levels of the capital structure. Our established relationships with a broad spectrum of top private equity firms, institutional investors and lenders give us the ability to find the right investor, with attractive terms, for companies seeking private capital to grow, for shareholder liquidity or debt restructuring.

Deep market knowledge

We are constantly in discussions with capital providers. We know who is active in the market, and who is not. And we know how the active capital providers are structuring transactions in the current deal environment.

Unique focus on your objectives

We are prepared to evaluate your unique objectives and to find the right solution for you, including senior debt (bank and non-bank, asset-based and cash-flow), subordinated debt, mezzanine securities, capital leases or factoring.

Transitional Capital
Partner With Investors Who Understand Your Company

Minority partnerships often can be the best way forward for companies seeking a value-added partner or a transitional step to an ultimate change in ownership. At Vesticor, we can find minority investors interested in providing growth capital to owners who may want some liquidity but want to remain in control and believe their best years are still ahead of them. We focus on sourcing investors who best fit the specific needs of our clients.

Extensive relationships

Vesticor has extensive relationships with sponsors interested in minority positions and strategic players in fast-growing sectors that attract minority investments from larger corporate entities.

Proprietary knowledge of lower middle market investors

We keep a proprietary database of investors and investor information that allows us to track the ever-changing marketplace for transitional capital, including growth-focused investors who straddle the line between venture investing and traditional private equity. We can:

  • Get the full attention of investors who look to us for quality opportunities
  • Provide unique insights into different structures
  • Determine the proper governance controls
  • Focus on preserving your future flexibility
  • Negotiate favorable terms for you
Growth Capital

An infusion of growth capital can be the right option for a mature company looking to expand operations, enter new markets or finance an acquisition. Investors know us for bringing strong investment opportunities to this market and for representing our clients with fairness and accuracy.

Successful execution of numerous growth capital raises

We understand how best to structure investments as common or preferred equity, or as a hybrid security, always with a focus on the best return for shareholders

Proprietary database of investors and investor information

We track the universe of growth capital investors who straddle the line between venture investing and traditional private equity.


We focus on creating the structure, governance and flexibility that will meet your needs in a minority investment.


Shifting your risk profile and opening up new growth opportunities can give your company the boost it needs to be successful. Vesticor can conduct a detailed review of your company’s financial position and work with you to craft a five-year plan that will help us recommend the optimal capital structure for your company – whether you want to access debt to fund growth, or restructure your existing debt. Vesticor offers:

  • Decades of experience financing our own companies
  • Unique insight into different structures and types of debt
  • Relationships with a broad array of debt financing sources
  • Extensive leveraged transaction experience
  • Knowledge and perspective to negotiate the best terms